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As a premier systems integrator, AFME partners with global automation product manufacturers to design, develop and deliver solutions tailored to the operational needs of each facility, industry and region.

Computer-based building management systems control and monitor the building’s mechanical and electrical equipment, including ventilation, lighting, power systems, fire systems, and security systems. The system provides great opportunities for improvements in energy efficiency by maintaining a building’s energy efficiency rating, detecting equipment failure early, identifying unusual energy usage patterns, and monitoring management plans effectiveness.

Effective well-utilized building management systems provide the core management tool required by building managers to ensure compliance with, and achievement of, Green Lease requirements, such as the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Platinum rating from the US Green Building Council (GBC), a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting sustainable buildings worldwide and ESTIDAMA. It enables Building Managers to provide the optimal working environment consistent with maintaining the required rating while minimizing the costs to both landlords and tenants. Furthermore, effective building management system utilization allows for optimal building performance by extending the operational life of equipment and systems through reducing loads and operating hours. Maintenance and capital costs are, therefore, reduced and less embedded energy is consumed through equipment replacement and upgrades.

Components and Systems

HVAC Valves, Actuators and Sensors, Software Suite, Controllers and Operator Panels.





The Crescent - Phase 1 
Green Community - Phase 1 & 2  
Motor City
Green Community
Up Town
Maintenance Hanger  
Auto mall  
General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowmnet  
Commercial Building (AWQAF)  
Al Ezza School
Al Qimma School
Hudarayit - Bateen Beach


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