Experienced in the field of parking management, ParkPlus provides turnkey solutions based on the most innovative technology, meeting parking requirements from small through large facilities which serve clients in the region.
Our services extend to multiple business sectors which include Airports, Shopping Centres, Residential communities, Business Towers and Complexes, Hotels, Hospitals, Leisure Facilities and much more.

Our capabilities include consultancy, design, engineering, supply, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance of parking equipment.

Our Services:
– Car Park Management
– Traffic Management
– Valet Parking
– Consultation

ParkPlus deploys the latest parking technology available in the market from global suppliers. These technologies, allow us to deploy on small through large facilities a full range of B2C and B2B solutions.
ParkPlus software platform uses the latest hosted and cloud-based solutions available in today’s parking sector, enabling clients to have web-based access to reports, statistics, etc.
Additionally, ParkPlus would like to enroll all managed properties under a single VIP parking program allowing customers to park across them all.

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